All the types of climbing that exist today and that we know, came from hiking.

Mountaineering is the highest level of achievement in mountaineering. Engaging in this activity requires a lot of effort, perseverance, psychophysical condition and stability, as well as experience. Every climber is a mountaineer first. Climbers on the way to the top come on the harder side of the mountain, rocks, directions.

We also use some mountaineering techniques in some of our adventures. One of them is abseil, a technique of descending on inaccessible terrain (rock, cliff) with the help of a rope.

Free climbing originated from mountaineering. Sport climbing, free climbing is a sport in which the use of climbing equipment for progress is not allowed, but it only serves as insurance in case of a fall.

Instead of climbing dry rock, climbing mixes and mastering peaks, sports climbers began to master extremely difficult details with strong and daily training and moved the limit of climbing.