Dear Adventurers,

Being that the Balkans, affected by various conflicts because of their strategic importance, had been a closed region and isolated for centuries, their natural beauties have been left undiscovered and untouched.

This region – having been subjugated for centuries, and which is an important crossroads of European and Middle Eastern roads, as well as the core for the country of Serbia – is characterized by distinctive mountains and unique flora & fauna.

Current Nature Travel Office team is brought together by a strong desire to present a different, united Balkans, as well as a country which is part of them – Serbia. We look forward to being the hosts of your next Balkan adventure.

Welcome to the Balkans, welcome to Serbia!

Since 2012, when Nature Travel Office agency was established, a team of people – inspired by their travels, connected by their passion for nature, as well as their common vision and goals – have been making an effort to show to our travelers a new view of Serbia and the Balkans.

Among various things of interest to our travelers are different destinations and activities, from cultural and historic heritage of the Balkans, to leisurely hikes and lake cruises, or unexplored caves for the curious, and abseiling and canyoning for the brave.

Our trained and educated staff, who take their job seriously, as well as licensed guides with a rich field experience, will give you plenty of inspirational and unforgettable experiences. They will take you to the intact and rarely visited areas of our country, but will above all make sure that your time in nature is safe. Guides at Nature Travel Office agency work with smaller groups (of about 10 people), which presents an opportunity for you to dive deeper into every destination. This guarantees a closer relationship and attention for every traveler.

We spend years building relationships with the amicable people who are our hosts in villages, which helps make your stay there much more pleasant. Of course, excellently prepared homemade food and a glass of rakia are essential. Unique stories from our hosts’ lives will bring you closer to our customs, culture, and traditions, and will allow you to experience our country in the best way possible.

We are open to all questions and suggestions because we believe that our success depends on your enjoyment. We want to share our experience, knowledge, and skills with you and to have you back here again for some new adventures.