Suva Mountain is a mountain in Southeastern Serbia, 45 km long and 15 km wide. Geologically and geographically, it belongs to the Carpatho-Balkan mountain belt. It stretches in a northwest-southeast direction at an elevation ranging from 250 m to 1810 m. Suva Mountain begins Eastern of Niška Banja, and ends southwestern of Babušnica. Suva Mountain is a massif with extraordinary forms of karst relief, a treasury of sediments of different age and rich in fossil flora; a unique phytocoenosis and forest ecosystem, with 1 261 plant species. According to the National law, it was declared a Nature reserve and a geoheritage site in Serbia.

Tour plan:

We meet in front of the hotel and depart at 07:30 AM. Taking a regional road, we travel for about an hour to Bojanine Vode (Bojana’s Springs), a plato at an elevation of 860 m. The ascent starts from Bojana’s Springs through the forest to Mosor (984 m), one of the most attractive peaks on Suva. The view from Mosor to the ridge of Suva and the Zaplanjska valley is something that will be remembered for a long time. The trail continues along a rocky part to Sokol’s Stone (1523 m), which is also the highest peak in the municipality of Nis. After some time spent at the top, we continue along the ridge to the saddle named Devojački grob (Maiden’s Grave) (1311 m). Following the King’s path through the forest, we come to Bojana’s Springs. Preparations for departure to Nis. Arrival in Nis late in the evening.


  • Transportation
  • Guiding service
  • Travel organization expenses.
  • Food
  • Individual expenses.

Sneakers or climbing shoes, a few pairs of socks, T-shirts, a hooded waterproof parka, sweatshirt, spare pants, sun glasses, a cap, suntan cream. It’s also recommended to take candy bars, nibbles, refreshing beverages and water. Put everything into a small backpack.

This program is based on at least 2 applied people. If there occurs a change on the monetary market, commodity market and services, if there are not enough travelers, the organizer retains the right to correct the price, change or cancel the program at least 3 days before the beginning of the program.

According to the Serbian Law on Tourism (Article 79), for one-day excursions (trips shorter than 24 hours), protection is not provided in terms of travel guarantee.