Meet the untouched nature, experience Stara Planina Mountain, its extraordinary beauty, power and charms hidden in intertwined natural and anthropogenic motifs.

There is no monotony here, but only the strength and wildness of the mountain and a unique feeling that a stay in this undiscovered area gives you.

The Balkan mountain range (Balkan) lies partially in Serbia, and mostly in Bulgaria. It is about 600 km long, and from 30 to 50 km wide. It stretches from Vrška Čuka in the north to the Black Sea in the east, and it’s the extension of the southern Carpathians.

Harmoniously blended intact nature, interesting history, and rich tradition have made the mountain a perfect place for vacation. Especially attractive and significant natural sights on Balkan include the Bigar stream valley, Midžor (the highest peak), the impressive rocks of Babin Zub, the Temštica River meanders, to name a few.

Balkan is a protected area, and it is classified as a national park. Village landscapes resemble dreamlike images, such as the ones of a long forgotten paradise!

Tour plan:

Departure in front of the hotel in Niš at 07:00 a.m. Driving on the highway to Pirot and further into the heart of the mountain. Through the majestic villages of the mountain, we arrive in an authentic Balkan Mountain village, Dojkinci. From the mountaineers’ hut in the village, we follow the track along Duboki Do by which we arrive at Ponor. Ponor is perhaps one of the most magical places of the entire “Stara planina” National Park, a karst depression without surface water flow. Lunch break. We continue hiking to the Stražna Čuka peak with a magnificently beautiful view of Kopren Plateau and Široke Luke. We return to Dojkinci by the circular route through Klisura and Sinošćir. Meet with the group which come from the other part of Serbia in Vrelo village in the evening. Accommodation in the guest house “Vrelo”. Dinner. Overnight stay.

Breakfast. OPTION 1: Transfer to Široka Luka, where we start our magical track. Along the valley of the Jelovica River and up the Dabidža’s creek, we first arrive at the smaller, and soon after at the bigger Kopren waterfall, officially the highest waterfall in Serbia. We climb up the waterfall to the very mouth of Dabidža’s creek, one of the most imaginary places on the whole Balkan Mountain. We arrive at Kopren, a peak of 1960 meters high. After some time spent at the top, we return to Široke Luke over the ridge with a wonderful view towards Bulgaria, and over Kata Kamen following the forest trail. The tour, 22 km long in total, requires a high level of physical fitness and excellent agility. OPTION 2: During an easy hiking route, 8 km long in total, we visit Tupavica waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this part of the Balkan Mountains. We return by the same trail to Dojkinci. We continue our trip to Vrelo village where we visit spring of Jelovica, Lunch break. Transfer to Slavinja village, where is located Slavinjsko grlo (canyon), a unique natural rarity, where water cascades from one “pot” to another. We contiune our trip to Rsovci village. We visit a medieval church dedicated to the Saints Peter and Paul, with frescoes dating back to 12th century. The church is distinguished by its location in the rock, and by the famous fresco of Christ the Youth. The fresco is unique in Serbian fresco-painting since it represents Christ as a partially bald youth. This 2,5 km long route is not difficult, and it requires basic level of physical fitness. Return to our accommodation. Dinner. Overnight stay.

After breakfast, transfer to Rsovci, an enchanting village nestled on the left bank of the Visočica river. We set out on a hiking track to the middle part of the canyon built by the very Visočica River. At first, we follow a dirt road that runs down stream to the point where the mountain track begins. We follow the track which, after a while, ends. Without a mountain track, the tour turns into a real adventure. We arrive at the point where we steeply go down the rock towards the bottom part of the canyon to the very entrance of the Vladikine Ploče cave. The cave’s entrance is 28 high, and 11 meters wide. The total length of the explored canals is 2400 m, while the length of the canals we are going to pass through is 660 meters (“the Old canal”). After touring the cave, we return by the same route to the starting point of the adventure. Return to our accommodation. Dinner. Overnight stay.

Breakfast. OPTION 1: Transfer to Zavoj Lake and our starting point in Pakleštica village. We prepare the equipment. We set out on the kayak adventure on Zavoj Lake, through wonderful meanders 6 km long. We arrive in bay of Gostuša and set out on a hiking tour that last about 30 minutes. We visit the stone village that represents a unique ambience whole, a natural and historic-cultural monument. Degustation of traditional homemade products in our host’s house with lunch break. OPCIJA 2: Traveling through the majestic villages of Balkan, we arrive at the village of Topli Do. We start our hiking tour to Down Pilj Waterfall and along Lisevski Do we reach Upper Pilj Waterfall. Lunch break in nature. We return by the circular route to Topli Do. The route, 9 km long in total, requires high fitness level. On return, we visit Bukovački Do Waterfall. After all facultative sightseeing, we return to Niš (Belgrade). The end of the program.


  • Transportation by high class minibus
  • Accommodation for three nights at the guest house “Vrelo” (1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 rooms)
  • All planned hiking tours
  • Mountain guide services
  • Tourist guide services
  • Trip organization costs
  • Food
  • Kayaking adventure – 15 EUR per person
  • Individual expenses

Sneakers, a few pairs of socks, T-shirts, a hooded waterproof parka, sweatshirt, back up clothes and shoes, sunglasses, a cap, suntan cream, swimming suit, a towel. It is also recommended to take candy bars, nibbles, refreshing beverages and water. Put everything into a small backpack.

Guest house “Vrelo” is located 1.5 km in front of the village of Jelovica in a beautiful environment dominated by the Dojkinačka and Jelovica rivers. The Visočica River canyon with all the other elements that make up the ambient whole stands out in particular. Vrelo village is located at an altitude of 730 m. A special feature of Vrelo is that due to air currents, there is never any fog here, so it is a kind of air spa.

Cash: cash, up to 7 days before departure, or in instalments – the first instalment is 50% upon registration, the rest of the following month by depositing a check in dinar equivalent at the mid-rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of payment. This program was made on the basis of 8 registered passengers. In the event of changes in the monetary market (or the market of goods and services) or an insufficient number of registered passengers, the travel organizer reserves the right to correct prices, change the program or cancel the trip no later than 5 days before the start of the trip.

If the departure date does not suit someone, they can join the adventure whenever they want with an agreement with the organizer. If you already have a formed group of at least 6-7 participants and you want to make some changes to the existing adventure, contact us for an additional agreement. In the accommodation itself there is a restaurant with excellent local cuisine. By booking an adventure in the amount of 50% of the total amount, you can also book meals in accommodation. The traditional lunch on the last day of the adventure in the village of Gostuša is 900.00 dinars per person.
For adventurers who come on their own, the price is reduced by RSD 1,200.00 per person. For adventurers who want to participate in a one-day adventure of their choice, they pay RSD 2,000.00 per person.
If you are a team, you have formed a group, you are in good psychophysical condition, we can organize our spectacular tour on Stara especially for you. More about her at the following link:

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