Suva Mountain is a mountain in Southeast Serbia, 45 km long and 15 km wide. Geologically and geographically, it belongs to the Carpatho-Balkan mountain belt. Suva Mountain is a massif with extraordinary forms of karst relief, a treasury of sediments of different age and rich in fossil flora; a unique phytocoenosis and forest ecosystem, with 1 261 plant species. According to the national law, it was declared a nature reserve and a geoheritage site in Serbia.

Tour plan:

We meet in front of the hotel and depart at 08:00 AM. Taking a regional road, we travel for about an hour to Bojanine Vode (Bojana’s Springs), a plato at an elevation of 864 m. The ascend lasts approximately four hours from Bojana’s Springs, over the saddle named Devojački grob (Maiden’s Grave) to Trem, the highest peak. Rest at the top. If the visibility is good, the view reaches Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and Metohia. The ascent of Trem is known as one of the most beautiful and challenging ascends in Serbia. We return by the same track to Bojana’s Springs and then to Niš. We arrive in Niš late in the evening.


TRACK PROFILE: Bojanine vode 850 m – the saddle Devojački grob 1311 m – the peak Trem 1810 m; Total track length: 15 km. Total ascent: 1000 m.


  • Transportation
  • Guiding service
  • Travel organization expenses
  • Food
  • Individual expenses

Sneakers or climbing shoes, a few pairs of socks, T-shirts, a hooded waterproof parka, sweatshirt, spare pants, sun glasses, a cap, suntan cream. It’s also recommended to take candy bars, nibbles, refreshing beverages and water. Put everything into a small backpack.

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