Lake Zavoj – a unique pearl of “Stara planina” (Balkan Mountains) nature park. It was formed in 1963, when a big landslide made a natural dam, which was later finished by building an artificial dam. In this process, the villages of Mala Lukanja, Velika Lukanja, and Zavoj disappeared forever. The rock village is located 17 km from Pirot at the upper part of the Visočica river, at a spot called Visok.

Tour plan:

Departure from Niš, from the car park at the City Hall, Vojvode Bojovića Square at 08:00 AM. We travel on the single carriageway road through the Sićevo Gorge to Pirot and farther to the gorgeous Lake Zavoj and to our starting point in Pakleštica village. We prepare the equipment and arrange all details for the kayak adventure. We set out on the kayak adventure on Lake Zavoj, through wonderful meanders 7 km long. We arrive in bay of Gostuša and set out on a hiking tour that last about 30 minutes. We visit the stone village that represents a unique ambience whole, a natural and historic-cultural monument. Degustation of traditional homemade products in our host’s house with lunch break. After facultative sightseeing, we return by the same route we arrived. We pack the equipment and return to Niš. Arrival in Niš in the evening hours. The end of the programme.


  • Transportation
  • kayak
  • guiding service
  • travel organization expenses
  • Food
  • individual expenses

Sneakers or climbing shoes, a few pairs of socks, T-shirts, a hooded waterproof parka, sweatshirt, spare pants, sun glasses, a cap, suntan cream. It’s also recommended to take candy bars, nibbles, refreshing beverages and water. Put everything into a small backpack.

Cash: in cash, up to 7 days before departure day, or in installments – the first installment 50% upon application; the rest next month by deposit ingonecheque. This trip plan and programme is done for 8 enlisted passengers. In case of any monetary market change (or commodity and services market change) or the insufficient number of enlisted passengers, the trip organizer reserves the right of price adjustment, programme modificationor trip cancelation up to 5 days maximum before the beginning of the trip.

This program is based on at least 2 applied people. If there occurs a change on the monetary market, commodity market and services, if there is not a sufficient number of travelers, the organizer retains the right to correct the price, change or cancel the program at least 3 days before the beginning of the program.

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