Canyoning is an activity that involves passing through a riverbed, with or without water, passing through water, descending through waterfalls, crawling into narrow crevices, jumping into whirlpools, crossing cascades, diving. The weight of the canyon and the terrain dictates the use of equipment. We use mountaineering, speleological and diving equipment to make the passage through the canyon safer and more comfortable. Neoprene suits, boots, gloves, belt, rope, lowering and climbing devices, neoprene bags, helmet, flashlight are an indispensable part of equipment. This type of contact with nature already has a serious tradition in the world. In Serbia, in the last few years, it becomes more and more attractive and popular. The most interesting about this activity is that this type of stay in nature includes the places where the human foot, at least if not at all, has not stepped.