This is how I imagine heaven,” said Dr. Aitken Clark, the director of the European Foundation for the Conservation of Nature and National Parks, the first time he saw the Tara Mountain.

Tara is located in the utmost west of Serbia, at the very border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The canyon of the Drina River is in the northwest, and the Kremna Valley connects it with the Zlatibor Mountain in the southeast. The remoteness contributed to this mountain becoming a secluded and unique place for all nature lovers. In 1981 one part of the Tara Mountain was declared a national park, since it is an area with a large number of diverse natural ecosystems of national importance, extraordinary landscape, and historical heritage, in which man lives together with nature.

Tour plan - Itinerary:

Departure in the early morning from the previously agreed upon place. A drive towards the Tara National Park with breaks for resting and taking photos. After arrival at the Tara National Park, we sort out accommodation in a bed-and-breakfast type of lodging. Next is a leisurely hike to the viewpoint nearby, which has a phenomenal view of the slopes of Tara Mountain. Dinner. Bedtime.

Breakfast. Start of a leisurely hike to the Sokolina viewpoint, a rock which has an amazing view of the canyon of the Rača River. On the steep rocks of Sokolina, each of you will have a chance to try abseiling, a technique of descending a mountain with a rope, and sport climbing on the rocks of 20 to 50 meters height. After we finish these activities, we return to the households that are hosting us. Lunch break. Transport to Mitrovac. A tour of the Crveni Potok Nature Reserve, a unique bog habitat of spruce tree.  This hike requires a lower level of physical fitness. Return to the lodging. Dinner. Bedtime.

Breakfast. Transport to the school in the village Đurići. A canyoning adventure through the Beli Rzav Canyon, which is expected to last 4 hours. Lunch in nature. After we pass through the canyon on a hiking trail above the canyon, we return to the village and back to the lodging. Dinner. Bedtime.

After breakfast, transport to the Zaovine. A day-long kayak ride through the most beautiful distributaries of the lake. It includes a lunch break for a traditional meal in a village household. Return to the lodging. Surprise games on the estate of our hosts. Dinner. Bedtime.

After breakfast, transport to Mitrovac-on-Tara. We go on a hike, with a tour of the most beautiful viewpoints and places in the Tara National Park. The viewpoints in the Tara National Park are the most alluring locations from which you can get to know and experience this protected area. A visit to the viewpoint Kozja Stena, then Banjska Stena which offers a unique view of the Drina Canyon, Perućac Lake, and Republika Srpska. After these activities, we return to the lodging. Packing up our things for the return back to the starting point. Arrival in the late evening hours.


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation for the entire duration in a home on Sokolina
  • Activities on the first and last days according to the plan and program
  • Guide services
  • Trip organization
  • Food, additional €15 per person, half-board
  • Lunch, additional €9 per person
  • Alpinism (ascending a mountain using a rope, climbing up) – €15 per person
  • Kayaking – €20 per person
  • Individual expenses

high-top sneakers or hiking shoes, multiple pairs of socks, short sleeved t-shirts, a lightweight jacket with a hoodie (waterproof if possible), a sweatshirt, a back-up pair of pants, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen. If you want, you can bring candy or sweets, snacks, water and refreshments. Pack up everything in a small backpack. Do not forget: a swimming suit, a towel, a camera, back-up shoes and clothes, and, as always, a good mood!

Apartments on Sokolina are in a great location, surrounded by beautiful fields, as well as forests of fir, spruce, and beech trees, making it a real air spa on the Tara Mountain. The favorable climate of this region, the altitude, atmospheric pressure, air composition and humidity, all have a healing effect on the human organism. The lodging has five new and comfortable apartments available, in a facility built in the mountain styleThe Sokolina household also has a restaurant with homemade food. They offer traditional dishes from this region. The price of the apartments is €15 per person.

In cash, up to 7 days before departure, or in instalments – first instalment 50% when you sign up, the rest next month by cheque.  This program is composed for 8 travelers. In case of changes on the money market (or the goods and services market), or in case of insufficient number of travelers signed on, the organizer has a right to correct prices, change the program, or cancel the trip at the latest 5 days before the start of the trip.

The organizer of the trip is travel agency Nature Travel Office, licence number OTP 19/2023-A issued by the Business Register Agency as of 10 March 2023. Nature Travel Office is insured by an insurance policy against responsibility for travel agencies in case of insolvency and liability in case of damage to the traveller, number 3000001622, by the insurer MILENIJUM OSIGURANJE ADO Belgrade. The policy is valid from 13 February 2024 to 13 February 2025. In this program, travel agency Nature Travel Office applies their general terms and conditions of traveling, which are included in signing up for the trip.