This is how I imagine heaven,” said Dr. Aitken Clark, the director of the European Foundation for the Conservation of Nature and National Parks, the first time he saw the Tara Mountain.

Tara is located in the utmost west of Serbia, at the very border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The canyon of the Drina River is in the northwest, and the Kremna Valley connects it with the Zlatibor Mountains in the southeast. The remoteness contributed to this mountain becoming a secluded and unique place for all nature lovers. In 1981 one part of the Tara Mountain was declared a national park, since it is an area with a large number of diverse natural ecosystems of national importance, extraordinary landscape, and historical heritage, in which man lives together with nature.


Tour plan - Itinerary:

(28. 04.): Departure from Niš in front of the hotel at 08:00 a.m. On the way to Tara Mountain, we will visit Potpeć Cave, a cave with the highest entrance hall in Serbia. Arrival at Mount Tara. Accommodation in private houses. Free time until dinner. Dinner. Overnight stay.

(29. 04.): Breakfast. Transfer to Pred’s Cross. Ascent to Veliki Stolac 1673 m, the highest peak of Mount Tara, located in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The tour with a total length of 17 km requires an average level of physical fitness. Lunch in the nature. Return along the same path to Pred’s Cross. Transfer to accommodation. Dinner. Overnight stay.

(30. 04.): Breakfast. Transfer to Zaovine Lake. Preparations for a full day of diving in the lake. An interesting fact about the diving in this lake is the sunken forest and the sunken village. Lunch in the nature. After the activities on the lake, transfer to the accommodation. Dinner. Overnight stay.

(01. 05.): Breakfast. Transfer to the school in the village of Đurići. A canyoning adventure through the Beli Rzav River lasts four hours. Lunch in the nature. After passing through the canyon on the hiking trail above the canyon, return to the village and transfer further to the accommodation. Dinner. Overnight stay.

(02. 05): Breakfast . Transfer to Sokolina. A three-kilometer long hiking trail takes us to Sokolarica, a unique rock that offers a fantastic view of the Rača river canyon. On the vertical rocks of Sokolarica, each of you will be able to try the abseiling technique, descending with a rope down the rock, and try your hand at sport climbing on rocks from 20 to 50 meters. Lunch in the nature. After completing all the activities, return to Sokolina and further to Niš. Incidental breaks for rest. Arrival in Niš in the late evening. End of the program.


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Guiding service
  • Diving
  • Travel organization expenses
  • Food
  • Potpeć Cave entrance ticket
  • Veliki Stolac ascent
  • Beli Rzav Canyoning tour
  • Free climbing and abseil activities

High sneakers or hiking boots, a few pairs of socks, T-shirts, a hooded waterproof parka, sweatshirt, spare pants, sun glasses, a cap, suntan cream. It’s also recommended to take candy bars, nibbles, refreshing beverages and water. Put everything into a small backpack.

In private apartments on Mount Tara, Kaluđerske Bare, Mitrovac, Zaovine. Depending on the number of adventure participants, we will have the exact name of the accommodation no later than 20 days before the adventure departure. You can order food in every homestay, you just have to do it on time, when making a reservation. Food price list:

Breakfast – (gibanica, proja, sour milk, scrambled eggs, belmuž…) 400 RSD
Lunch – (soup, potatoes with sausage, beans, moussaka, stuffed peppers, salad…) 600 RSD
Dinner – (pork stew, venison stew, macaroni and cheese, porridge with meat…) 500 RSD

In cash, up to 7 days before departure, or in installments – the first installment is 50% upon registration, the rest of the following month by depositing a check in dinar equivalent at the mid-rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of payment.

This program is based on at least 8 applied people. If there occurs a change on the monetary market, commodity market and services, if there is not a sufficient number of travelers, the organizer retains the right to correct the price, change or cancel the program at least 5 days before the beginning of the program. Deadline: 20 days before the adventure.

The organizer of the trip is travel agency Nature Travel Office, licence number OTP 19/2023-A issued by the Business Register Agency as of 10 March 2023. Nature Travel Office is insured by an insurance policy against responsibility for travel agencies in case of insolvency and liability in case of damage to the traveller, number 3000001622, by the insurer MILENIJUM OSIGURANJE ADO Belgrade. The policy is valid from 13 February 2024 to 13 February 2025. In this program, travel agency Nature Travel Office applies their general terms and conditions of traveling, which are included in signing up for the trip.