Vojvodina is by all means original and extraordinary! It is an endless and fertile plain, once the bottom of the Panonian sea. Vojvodina is comprised of: Srem, Banat and Backa through which 3 rivers run quietly-Danube, Sava and Tisa. The largest and the most significant city of this region is Novi Sad, a cultural and economic center of Vojvodina. It lies on the bank of the Danube in the shade of majestic Petrovaradin fortress, leaning on the wooded Fruska Gora mountain. Attractive for its beauty and especially popular during EXIT-the International Music Festival.


Along the very northern border of Serbia lies Subotica,and in its surroundings Palic lake-specific for its extraordinary flora and fauna, long and enchanting lakeshore, and excellent conditions for the water sports. Today, it is a prestigious spa resort, with many villas and hotels.

In the vicinity of Novi Sad there is located Sremski Karlovci, an interesting town in Vojvodina and a very important town in the past-having been the seat of the Metropolitanate of Karlovci,fascinating for its architecture and rich history.

The most popular picnic spot is Fruska Gora, the national park hiding a genuine wilderness and charming reservoirs. Among many fascinating monasteries there, the most distinctive is Krusedol. The monastery is the foundation of Brankovic dynasty, the latest Serbian despots in Srem. Many notable figures of the Serbian history had been buried there. Other monasteries on Fruska Gora are: Vrdnik (also known as Sremska Ravnica), Jazak, Sisatovac and Petkovica.

The genuine charm of Vojvodina complete the unsurpassed salasi (farms), which represent a particular tourist attraction, an recently, they have experienced a great flourishing- they massively turn into restaurants with their authentic ethno style, offering excellent cuisine and hospitality.