At the basin of the Toponica river, and the extraordinary gorge formed by it, on the slopes of beautiful Kalafat mountain, hides Samar cave, a beauty of south-eastern Serbia.

Tour plan - Itinerary:

Departure from the hotel at 09:00 a.m. Accompanied by a local guide, we travel eastward towards Niška Banja, and farther into Kalafat Mountain. This area, geographically not very large, is distinguished by many cultural and historic sites, and by protected natural wealth of great significance. One of its potentials is our today’s aim.

Samar cave, also known as Milutin’s cave, named after a man who contributed most to its study and presentation to Serbia and the world. Milutin Veljković, a well-known Serbian speleologist, spent 464 days in the cave, thus breaking the world record in bivouacking in an underground space, and entering the Guinness Book of World Records. The cave is also notable for significant paleontological discoveries of a prehistoric bear and lion. Together with other caves in the area, it forms a unique cave system which is protected as a natural monument.

It is a real adventure to pass through Samar. The total length of all canals is 3197 m. The main canal, with four sump narrowings, so-called “doors”, is 1940 m long. It is of a tunnel type, and at certain points resembles the most beautiful canyons, which makes passing through the cave even more spectacular. After the adventure we return to Niš. We arrive in Niš in the afternoon. The program ends.

NOTE: Our passage through the cave depends on precipitation, that is, weather. If conditions allow, we can pass through the whole cave. It takes three hours to pass through the cave and requires adequate equipment and knowledge. You are not allowed to pass through the cave alone, and without the equipment and guide.


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  • Equipment
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Sneakers or climbing shoes, a swimming suit, a towel, back-up clothes, and, as always, a good mood. It is also recommended to take candy bars, nibbles, refreshing beverages and water. Put everything into a small backpack.

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