Meanders of the river Uvac, Griffon vulture, summit Molitva, Djurdjevi stupovi, Church of St Peter and St Paul, Ice cave…

A three-day adventure in southwestern Serbia, in the region known as Starovlaska-raska, the part of Serbia where the oldest cultural and historical monuments and some of the most beautiful natural resources are situated.

If you have a passionate desire to see the most amazing wonders of Serbia-meanders of the river Uvac, a famous Ice cave, and a bird of pray-griffon vulture in close-up, this adventure is perfect for you!

Besides, you will certainly enjoy the landscapes of Zlatar mountain, tasty, traditional food, and a cordial welcome by friendly hosts.

Raska region is a part of southwestern Serbia named after the river of the same name. Since ancient times, this area had been known as a foundation of the medieval Serbia. Stari Vlah area is only its small part spreading to the North from the river Lim, and to the East from the river Drina. The special nature reserve of Uvac is one of the most breathtaking places in Serbia. It is mostly situated at the territory of the Municipality of Nova Varos, and a part of it belongs to Sjenica. With the construction of three water gates, the valley of the Uvac was flooded 3 decades ago, and three lakes were formed: Uvac, Zlatar and Radoinja. Uvac lakes is 27 km long, with the maximum depth of 108 m. The most beautiful viewpoint on the canyon one can enjoy from the nearby summit Molitva III. The aged locals remember the Uvac before the construction of the water gates-at that time, the canyon was deeper and more impressive, but the lakes today make the ambience even more attractive. The clear water of the lakes is the home of 11 fish species: carp, chub, sneep, trout, barbel, huchen…

According to the agreement, we are going to see all the greatest attractions of the reserve: the close-up of the griffon vulture, the meanders of the Uvac, the amazing view on the canyon from the viewpoint of Ljuti krš (Molitva III), the Ice cave, one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia which forms a unique speleological object with the entire cave system of the Uvac. This cave is accessible to few people, since it’s only accessible by boat. The story about the cave you’ll be listening at the spot.

Back in the ancient times the Uvac had been a border between Turkey and Serbia. In the very nature reserve, we’ll be spending our spare time in the house by the lake, and it will be a base for all our adventure trips. The ground floor of the house is a kind of ethno museum, displaying old, traditional artefacts of this region.

On our way back, we will visit Djurdjevi stupovi, the monastery consecrated to St George, situated in Stari Ras on the hill above Novi Pazar. It is one of the oldest monasteries on the territory of Serbia. On this trip, we will also visit another sacred object in the vicinity of the town: the church of St Peter and St Paul, which represents the oldest monument of church architecture in Serbia, which had also been the first Bishopric in Serbia.

Tour plan - Itinerary:

Departure from the hotel at 08:00 AM. A ride towards Nova Varos and Uvac lake with occasional breaks (coffee break at Ovcar-Kablar gorge, lunch break on Zlatar mountain). Arrival at the Uvac in the afternoon hours. Accommodation. A get-together till evening. Dinner. Overnight stay.

Breakfast. Easy hike to the bank of the Uvac. Cruising: meanders of the Uvac, griffon vulture, summit Ljuti krš (Molitva III), Ice cave. Outdoor lunch break. After the cruising and sightseeing, we’ll return to the water gate and take a footpath to the accommodation. Late afternoon activities. Late lunch. Overnight stay.

Breakfast.  After breakfast, departure to Novi Pazar. Sightseeing of Djurdjevi stupovi and Peter’s church. Coffee/lunch break in Novi Pazar. After the sightseeing, we return to Belgrade/Niš. Arrival in Belgrade/Niš in the evening hours. End of program.


  • Transportation
  • 2 overnight stays in the house
  • 2 half board services in accommodation on Zlatar Mountain
  • Entire day lake cruising
  • Meanders of the Uvac
  • Ascent on Molitva view point
  • Guiding service
  • Travel organization expenses
  • Individual expenses

high-top sneakers or hiking shoes, sleeping bag and mattress, multiple pairs of socks, short sleeved t-shirts, a lightweight jacket with a hoodie (waterproof if possible), a sweatshirt, a back-up pair of pants, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen. If you want, you can bring candy or sweets, snacks, water and refreshments. Pack up everything in a small backpack. Do not forget: a swimming suit, a towel, a camera, back-up shoes and clothes, and, as always, a good mood!

Due to the large crowds at Uvac and the accelerated commercialization of the area, we have two households on offer: Ethno house Ilic – located in the village of Akmacici, 7 km from Nova Varos, 3.5 km from Lake Uvac at 1000 m above sea level, surrounded by conifers, birches and flower fields. Ethnic household “Šaponjić” – located in the immediate nature reserve near the lake. The house is on two levels with shared kitchens and has four bathrooms.

Payment for all trips will be made directly to the Trip Provider: Nature Travel Office. The method of payment will be either a bank transfer or cash payment. First instalment, 50% when you signed up, the rest one month before departure on the adventure. This program is composed for 7 travelers. In case of changes on the money market (or the goods and services market), or in case of insufficient number of travelers signed on, the organizer has a right to correct prices, change the program, or cancel the trip at the latest 10 days before the start of the trip.

The organizer of the trip is travel agency Nature Travel Office, licence number OTP 19/2023 issued by the Business Register Agency as of March 10, 2023. Nature Travel Office is insured by an insurance policy against responsibility for travel agencies in case of insolvency and liability in case of damage to the traveller, number 30000040045, by the insurer MILENIJUM OSIGURANJE ADO Belgrade. The policy is valid from February 13, 2024 to February 13, 2025. In this program, travel agency Nature Travel Office applies their general terms and conditions of traveling, which are included in signing up for the trip.